Hi, I’m River Tae Smith

A circular logo. The outside is a think red outline. The center is a blue 川, a kanji consisting of three vertical lines, it has a darker blue drop shadow.

I’m a developer with a linguistics specialty, based in Narrm.

I’m currently working on Auslan Signbank at Monash University.

A photograph of a twisted metal sculpture. The overall sculpture is
spherical, but the picture is taken at an angle that makes it look like a plus sign. A self-portrait of River sitting on a chair on a balcony at night. It
is blurry, as if two very similar images were laid over each other. A photograph of a stack of round plastic tubs sitting next to a
building. The tubs are bright orange, with white and blue lids. The name 松伊
is written on the side in kanji. A photograph of a two-storey apartment building, the front is rounded
with a square structure on the top level. A number of trees grow next to it, the
tallest is the height of the building. The dominant colors are cream, green and
red. A black and white photograph of a cat sitting in a narrow alleyway
between two gutters. He is staring past the camera, intentionally ignoring the
photographer. A photograph of a tall apartment block, taken at sunset. It is framed by
a pink-blue, cloudless sky. One side is lit up orange from the sunset. The tip of a church steeple rises from a messy hedge. The sky is cast
pink. The hedge is spotted with many small, white flowers. There is a singular
triangular window in the center of the steeple. A swan-shaped pedalboat with a Japanese pagoda towering above it. Past
the pagoda there is a park and an office building. A line down the middle of the
picture is formed by the pagoda, the swan boat and its reflection